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    Need new Map sensor, switching to gm style?

    After putting my motor together my map sensor is giving me grief and at 279 bucks from Yamaha I am exploring other options. I noticed that the riva 3 bar sensor is just a generic gm sensor. Using the connectors off my now unused power shot I don't see why I couldn't run a 2 bar sensor similar to Rivas 3 bar. I would make a small adapter harness like riva sells with there sensor and out a gm style plug on my powershot in the event that I need to use it again. So aside from the harness and a mounting bracket..
    Should work?

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    You might want to check ebay, Macc Racing has their own ebay store and they sell tons of yamaha parts they take off skis. Maybe you can find one there for cheep?

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    Forgot about maccs store, will check there. I googled and looked pretty well everywhere else.

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    I have the map sensor old style not the new 11+... I have the 08 till 2010 version pm if interested

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