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    Question '93 VXR PRO Help - Newbie

    We just bought an immaculate '93 VXR Pro and have a question. We put in this morning, it ran great. At the dock, my daughter lifted the seat to put her dry box in the tray, and didn't quite set it right. She got on the back of the ski, it took on some water. She panicked a bit, and almost swamped the thing. After getting her calmed down, we bailed the ski out, and went to start it. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The water went over the battery... Can someone help me with how to get the thing to start again? I haven't attempted anything yet, wanted to know if it was going to be something simple...

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    No lights, power, clicks, nuthin? There is probably a fuse box somewhere in there. Check the fuses.

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    Check battery connections and fuses as suggested. Check the battery wire connections at the starter for tightness i.e. follow each battery wire and make sure both ends are snug. Remove spark plugs and try to crank the engine without the plugs installed.

    You need to get that engine turned over. I do not know if you actually flooded the engine compartment (hull), but if you did then you may have actually got water in the engine and hydrolocked it. If you did not flood the hull, then ignore the rest of this note.

    The only way you can get water in the engine (in this scenario) is for water to enter the carburetor. If you check the shape and design of the flame arrestor (the plastic piece that covers the carburetor) on a VXR, you can see that it is very hard to get water into it.

    lf the engine still will not turn over, then take a long screwdriver and through the spark plug hole try to push one of the pistons down. Use a flash light and check for signs of water in the cylinders.

    I don't want to sound alarmist here, but you want to eliminate the hydrolock question so that you can refocus back onto to the electronic fixes.

    A hydrolock problem is very serious/ expensive and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. It is a worst case scenario and you need to eliminate this from the equation. Fixing an electronic problem is just a matter of time.

    By the way, welcome to the forum.

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    Black electrical box in rear of engine compartment. Remove twist off cap. Insert a finger and feel a wire. Pull out the wire, it should be red with a black rubber fuse holder and possibly even a brand new fuse hanging on there in a clear plastic pouch.

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