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Thread: 2013 rxp x

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    2013 rxp x

    Im looking to do some minor mods and get a bit more top speed and get up and go. Ive been reading through many posts and am more confused now than I was before about what to get. Im not looking to spend thousands of dollars.

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    Mods are not cheap.
    Your ski has a speed limiter thats gps regulated.
    If you want more top speed its got to be deleted.
    Just that's going to cost you almost a G.
    Then you need to buy and have installed the get up n go mods.
    Your talking a couple grand to make a new px increase its power.

    If you do mod your ski the warranty is toast.
    So if you don't want to spend a couple grand then your stuck running stock.

    Don't mean to sound rude but its the truth...
    This sport is very expensive especially when you mod..

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    Just because you mod your ski doesnt always mean your warranty is toast...Make sure you have a good relationship with your local dealer...He can go to bat for you with BRP if any issues arise

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    Been doing some research on it as well.

    I think it really depends on your long term goals. If your just looking to gain a few miles an hour and better all around acceleration for beating all stock skis and not be completely embarrassed by your 75mph modified skis($$$$$$$) I'd look at these few mods..... $250

    Pick an Air Intake system....$100(DIY) to $400 or so for a professional set up.

    Simple set up like that should be fine for a weekend recreational warrior with out breaking the bank. You should hit 70-71MPH or slightly less and pick up better acceleration through out the rev range. Maybe add a grate in there if your an ocean rider. If you think you may go a little more crazier down the road I'd look at the Athena or Vtech and do a prop right away instead of just the boost box and allow yourself room to grow. May want to do a prop regardless right away if the budget lets you, much better chance of hitting over 70. Personally do the Vtech, prop, and air intake and be done. You'll be beating just about everything you'll run into.
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