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    1996 Seadoo XP water in the hull, Carbon Seal leaking? (Pics included)

    Here is my story and I need some help.

    I bought a 1996 Seadoo XP. I had it out this weekend for about 20 mins and it runs absolutely amazing. The problem is I am taking on water only when I ride. Here is what happened.

    1. Take it out for about 10 minutes and everything is fine. I take the seat off and notice there is water in the hull, the water line is just below the carbon seal. I let it sit in the water because I think it is a slow leak from something entering the hull from the rear lower unit where everything comes into the hull.

    Now I have replaced the VTS bellows protection boot (The one on the VTS shaft) the day before and open up the VTS cover and it is BONE dry, so I know its not the typical VTS leak.

    2. Come back 2 hours later and the water line in the hull remains to the exact same height as I marked before I left. I now know it is not leaking as it sits, so I take it out again. Ride for another 10 minutes and the water line has risen substantially over the carbon ring and boot. I immediately decide to pull it out and check to see if any of the hull is leaking around the seam.

    3. I take the Seadoo out and find a nice steep hill. I pull up and wait to see if any water leaks out the back under some water pressure, nothing. I then turn the truck around and head down the hill thinking maybe the front is leaking at a seam and only leaks when I drive slow as it is out of the water when parked or running at higher speeds. Again, NOTHING.

    4. I get it in the garage and I start poking around the bailers and siphon lines, and all looks good. So I take the carbon seal cover off and this is what I find.

    This is the carbon seal. Missing a tridon clamp on the carbon seal side, but it feels real tight on the carbon seal. I don't think this is where it is leaking.

    If I pull it back this is how easy it is, should it be this easy? I am not sure if it is missing a seal or something but it seams real easy to move both up and down. Feels like something might be missing and this is where I suspect water is leaking.

    So my questions is, is this normal? I am trying to diagnose water in the hull and I believe this is where it is coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciated, with pics if you have your setup easily accessible.

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    I have the same problem with my 99gsx. I replaced a couple little parts this past week and I'm waiting to get it in the water this week. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

    From what I've been told, you're supposed to be able to move it by hand. If you find something out let me know, I'd like to fix mine as well.

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    Yes it's normal. Back it in the water on trailer and see if it leaks from those 2 parts if not start it up to see. I have seen these leak when running. if leaks they need replace or you can try sliding up the boot to give more pressure. Make sure your 2 tubes are high in the back of the hull.
    You don't have a clamp holding the carbon seal so it needs a clamp.
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    I had the same thing on my 96. Replaced the carbon seal. I also had a leak because I was missing one of two siphon tubes in the back impeller housing. If they are missing the water is coming in and not going out. Look very carefully they are not easy to spot.

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    WHat size tridon clamp for carbon seal??

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    I can't tell you the size. I can give you the part number #293650035. Maybe you can find out that way. It is the same size as the one you already have on the other end of the rubber sleeve.

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    I know the part number but I was trying to replace it with a store bought clamp (non oem). Problem is the ski is up north 2.5 hours away.

    My other problem is location and cost of shipping to get OEM parts. If I get it from a dealer, they charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Nearest dealer is an hour drive. I just don't have time to get out to the dealer this week and I want to put it back in the water this weekend.

    I will buy a bunch of clamps from the big box store and see if I can get it to work.

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