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    2005 Aquatrax R12 feels like its slipping?

    Hello, Last weekend I bought a 2005 Honda Aquatrax R12 with 34 hours on it. Today I had a chance to take it out. I ran it for about a hour until I was taking it back to the dock when I noticed that I had lost thrust. When I hit the throttle the engine advances in RPM's but the ski doesn't really increase in speed. At 5k RPM I was barely getting 15 mph. When I grabbed a hand full of throttle it just wouldn't go anywhere. Reminded me of a 5 speed with a bad clutch that was slipping? The river was fairly dirty with sticks floating around. Once I loaded it out of the water there was a small stick that I pulled out of the grate. Any ideas what could be the cause? It ran and accelerated great until this happened. I am new to jetskis by the way. Thank you!

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    Trash in the intake causes exactly what you are experiencing. Check your pump, shaft and impeller for trash and debris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    Trash in the intake causes exactly what you are experiencing. Check your pump, shaft and impeller for trash and debris.
    What's the best way to check and clean it? Just get a flash light and look in the pump and grate? I pulled out a stick about 3 inches long and about 1/2 thick out of the grate. I wouldn't think a stick of that small of a size could cause that much of a issue could it?

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    I've seen smaller things cause that issue.
    It doesn't take much to cause a ski to have that slipping feeling.

    That stick was your issue and you might have more in there.
    Get a good look up in there before going out again

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