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    School me on this new to me rxp

    Purchased an rxp today. 2005 model, 76hrs and not a single scratch/chip anywhere. Purchased it from a older couple(50s). They purchased it new and babied it. I've had several boats from caravelle interceptors to baja outlaws, but never a jet ski. They lost the manual(believe it was left it the other ski that they already sold) so I dnt have a clue about it. Got several questions that hopefully someone will lend me a hand and teach me some info. 1- what type oil is best and how much does it hold. 2- how many hrs should be riden before changing the oil. 3- read countless treads on supercharger failures. What would be my best bet (76hrs), replace just the washers or rebuild the entire charger. 4- what other maintenance needs to be done frequently(heard something about greasing the rear drive ordeal?) 5- when being brought out of the water, should u leave it running for a sec until water stops coming out of the jet drive? Or does it matter? I've got a ton of reading to do so I can learn as much as possible about this ski. Entirely different world then my boats in the past. Thanks for any help, I'd say I'm prolly asking reoccurring things that always gets asked on this site just as on all the diesel forums I'm part of, so excuse my ignorance. I've read countless threads but seems as if all the info gets lost in them with people rambling.

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    1)Any wet clutch certified oil. So basically motorcycle oils that are JASO certified. I use valvoline in the black bottle, but others use different stuff, and 4 quarts. Just put 3 in and check where the oil level is then add until you're in the middle of the stick. 2) 20 IMO especially when its just a stock ski. 3)Send it to Jerry for a full rebuild so you'll be good to go for another 100hrs. 4) I'm sure there will be many opinions but I just check oil and coolant every ride. Make sure to winterize depending on where you live and if you ride salt water make sure to flush the ski after riding it! 5) You'd really be waiting to clear the water out of the exhaust etc but I wouldnt worry about it to much.

    Hope this helps.

    Oliver, 96 12v Cummins (assuming by dirtymax youre reffering to a Dmax haha)

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    Rebuild the entire charger.
    Washers and bearings.
    When the bearings fail it wipes out a lot of vital things with it.

    I use Valveoline 10-40 motorcycle oil wet clutch

    I change oil every 35-40 hrs.
    I think the manual says every 50 or 100 hrs.
    05 models had bad valves and flywheel bolts.
    Use the search function to learn more..
    Congrats on the ski!!!

    Welcome aboard the hulk...

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    Don't ever tow that bitch without clamping off the water inlet hose! I made that big mistake once........once!

    I change my oil roughly every 20-30ish hours. I play safe and use seadoo required oil (eliminates guess work and i sleep best), along with K&N oil filter. I've never needed to put IN more than 3qts per oil change.
    Yea, ignore the manual about 100hr oil changes!! That's just fucking ignorant!!!

    I change my (stock) plugs very often because you need to! About every 10hrs! More than about 12-15hrs, and your stock type plugs will be'll even feel the difference after you get to know your ski's power characteristics.

    I suggest do a full rebuild with Jerry with the better seal, etc etc. Then after running it for 10-20hrs (I think), you'll need a fresh reset of the SC slip.

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