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    Thumbs up 1999 TSR Flywheel Removal

    I just wanted to share this flywheel removal method with you all, since it can be a real pain, and some of you may have never done this.
    I bought a TS770R last year, and put up with the sticky Bendix drive all last season. I ordered a new drive recently, and set about changing it.....only to pull the stator cover, and find that the gasket hadn't sealed well, and there had been a fair amount of water in there. Plenty of rust and crust as you can imagine.
    Using an automotive type puller, and all of the usual tricks, the flywheel would not pop off. Very limited space would not allow the use of an impact or a hammer, so here's what I did:

    1)Set the puller up on the flywheel, and applied as much pressure as I could to the center bolt with a breaker bar

    2) Removed both drop in storage tubs to open the hull up as much as possible (seats removed too)

    3) Set my shop vac up as a bilge blower, and let it run for 20 minutes with the hose down under the back of the engine.

    4) Set my Oxy/Acetylene torch up with a small brazing tip, and began to heat the flywheel around the very center where the flywheel bolt goes. This is difficult with the puller in place, but can be done with a small tip and some patience. In just a couple of minutes it popped itself off under the pressure of the puller.

    I did this outside with a fire extinguisher handy by. The flywheel will be hot, so have a pair of channel locks handy to grab it with.

    This is a last resort method, and remember that gas fumes are ever present, so you need serious ventilation. You are also working very close to a plastic gas tank, and one slip of the torch could be a disaster!

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