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    2000 SeaDoo GTI

    This ski had oil in the hull last fall and stopped running. I have drained all the "crude" out of it. Looks like it might of come out the "breather" at the mouth of the oil outlet to the engine. In otherwords a family member may have over filled it. But replaced all the gas lines new gas filter, etc. New battery put in and I get NOTHING. So where should I start? I started with the electrical box in the back. It was 1/2 full of water, not sure why because there was almost no water in the hull. So I cleaned up the corrosion. Jumped the ignition coil and the it turned over. Still nothing from the lanyard. Where should I look now?

    Have replaced the starter solenoid because it was rusty and one side of it looked like it was broken. You could actual depress it about 1/4 inch. Put a new one in. Same status. Checked the Lanyard or DESS post with voltmeter. Get an open loop without the lanyard on. Put it on and get a CL. Also get a high pitched very slight squeel. Looked for the electrical diagram in the Shop Manual and it isn't in there for the 2000 GTI! So I am wondering what and how to check the next electrical "connection" or "connections" to keep ruling things in or out. Any ideas or does anyone have the electrical diagram for the 2000 GTI?

    I downloaded the shopmanual but the electrical diagram for the 2000 GTI is NOT in there. Can anyone lend a hand here???

    Does anyone have the 2000 GTI Wiring diagram? I need to know what the next check point should be.

    Airborne you out there????

    Okay found a bad wire in the harness in the rear electrical box. Once I fixed that, we had power running all the way to the front. Very apparent this ski had been in the salt water a bit. Now the problem is that I am not getting any fuel to the filter. I did replace all the fuel lines but am pretty sure I put them back correctly. So it will start with a little gas in each cylinder but dies out pretty much after that is burned up. Any ideas on why no gas in the fuel filter and engine?

    Always put the schematic of the fuel lines in line with the how the carburetor is mounted. Don't put the top of the page up !!! I crossed two lines, undoing it gave the engine fuel, running smoothly! SOLVED!
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