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    Falls flat @ 40mph and runs rough / missing ???

    Alright, ventured out for our first shakedown run - didn't last long...

    After venturing out past the no-wake zone I added throttle to get up on plain and accelerated up to 40mph; at 40 it fell on it's face and sounded / felt like it was hitting a 'rev limiter'. I slowed down to head back and the ski seamed to be running rough and sounded like it was missing and not smooth regarding throttle response.

    I've replaced all the gray fuel lines, new inline fuel & oil filter, took out & cleaned the carb filters (didn't look bad).

    Sound like a fuel or ignition problem? Suggestions?


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    BTT - Another forum thought it may be the rectifier; - now it won't crank at all.
    I opened the MPEM box up front to look at the rectifier; our of curiosity I tried to start the ski w/ the box open and it fired up just fine but after closing the box up it won't turn over at all - all I get are two clicks from the box, about two seconds apart - sounds like a relay click. All three fuses are good.


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    Sounds like a broken or crusty main power cable. Try opening it again.

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