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    LRV DI 2001 not going above idle

    I have a LRV DI 2001 that will not go above idle on the trailer and in the water. Things that have been replaced, tested listed below. Open to suggestions. I do have a geniunine BUDS and no fault codes listed last time i checked

    Compression 135/140
    New Fuel Pump (Correct pressure)
    New Air Compressor
    Air Injectors and Fuel injectors Flow tested
    As above no fault codes on BUDS
    Power valves are operational

    Has had me going at it for weeks, any ideas?

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    Has it ever been sunk or submerged ?

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    Not to my knowledge. It is a LRV would take a lot of sinking lol. There is no signs of water been in it.

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    Have you tested the pump while it is running and above idle it should hold 738 ± 14 kPa (107 ± 2 PSI)
    It is very precise the fuel pressure on DIs so if it drops bellow 105 psi it wont run.

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    I have test the fuel pump at idle and cant test it above as it won't rev past idle it dies if you throttle it, on the trailer or on the water. Also the pump is brand new too.

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    Went and triple checked the fuel pump and low and behold the new pump has s^&% itself!!! So off to chase down another new one tomorrow

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