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    Battery failure, hole melted in case; 2004 12f

    I have one for you (if I am in the wrong slot, sorry I am new): battery in my 2004 12f failed in a plume of fumes this weekend. Went dead venting fumes out of a 1/16 inch hole melted into the case. Son was on the Ski at the time and said the battery was very hot. This is the beginning of the battery's third season of use. It seemed weak which did strike me as odd. So I tested the charging system with a multimeter. Starting warm, the volts started at an acceptable 13v but dropped to 8v when cranking. The charging system reached 14v after a minute or two of running. So I thought charging was ok but that I would shop for a battery this week. Then this happened the next day. No signs of overheated wires or burned contacts or wires. I have never had a battery fail like this; they always just stop holding a charge or get too weak to crank. Has anyone else had one fail like this? Or is this a fluke? Or does this indicate a problem somewhere else or that I should be checking something else? I did a quick search and no one has written of a similar failure. Thanks for your consideration and comments.

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    Well I guess it was just a dramatic way for a weak battery to die. Installed a new battery today and my Ski came back to life like nothing had happened. Ran her on the hose for a while with nothing abnormal.

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    it was a dead internal short, sh it happens

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