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    GTX S 155 -- Traveling with.

    Got the new GTX S 155. Great fun so far, but we want to travel with it. When i look back in the mirror, all i see is the Suspension bouncing around. bounce-bounce- shake....

    my question is, is there something i can do to lock it in place? or is there an aftermarket gadget that will stop the top 1/2 of the hull from shaking so much?

    Should i even worry about it?

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    You can put a cover on it..There is no gadget that will hold the suspension in place. They come with a steel cable to hold the suspension down but that can not be re-used, it is thrown away at PDI.

    Personally I wouldnt worry about it

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    It's not causing any damage to the ski.
    But if you keep looking at it while going down the road you might have more problems than your ski bouncing.

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