Hey guys, just wanting some quick advice.

superjet 2009 - Factory B pipe, Pole Bracket, blowsion Handle Bars, Handle grips, Bilge pump with handle switch, kenny keepers, Blowsion lifters, hydro turf, 2 x different ride plates, worx intake scoop, pole saver, billet hood hooks, hood strap

superjet 2001 -
2000 yamaha superjet, 760 cylinder, ADA head with 35 cc doms, limited B pipe. Twin bilge, billet RRP pole, carbon chin pad, blowsion steering, krash hood and nose. Blowsion tubbies, cold fusion throttle. MSD, foot strap, krash fins. Recently had new charge coil and stop start switch fitted

The reason I'm asking is because, I'm confused which way to go. The 2001 model has the engine done along with the rrp pole and a few others and they are wanting 5500 no less.
The 09 has no pole and stock engine, but is 8 years newer, which way should I go?