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Thread: 1999 xlt 800

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    1999 xlt 800

    what other bigger motors will fit in there with out to much modification ?

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    Your gonna hate to here this but...............None, sorry.
    the 800 has a different motor mounting placements than the bigger motors. I am currently modifying the hull of an xlt800 to accept my 1300 ported motor. Not an easy job!

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    Its just about cutting a window in the stringers and moving the motor mount plates... piece of cake

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    plates are different too. Also to add to this as I didn't know have time the other night.....
    THe reason it starts to make it a little difficult is once you relocate the wholes the original wholes diameter is actually touching the new wholes for a couple of the mounting wholes. I have layed mine out but have not drilled them in yet. The easy part is if you look closely you can actually see the outline of the 1200 mounting point locations molded into the stringers of the 800 hull.
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    ive done this conversion. not hard to do if you have donor parts. biggest part is front mounts. thats it.

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