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    help with test results on updated stator 96 slt

    just bought a 96 slt 700 and no spark.. so i got info of greenhulk ontesting the updated stator
    black-engine ground=.6
    brown-gray=infinate(should of been around 100,000!)

    i believe all those are within spec except the brown-gray..i didnt get any reading at all? but that is a vary high number so could it maybe ok cuz it is such a high number?

    and also i tested the brown wire coming from cdi and it had only 5 volts coming out not the 8 it needs?
    any advise out there? any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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    Try hooking up the 9 volt battery to the stator, just as outlined in the Hall Effect sensor tests. Keep all wires connected to the CDI except the Brown wire to the stator.

    This will provide the full 8-9 volts the stator needs. See if it starts. If yes, then the stator is good and the CDI has a problem.

    Did you test the Hall Effect sensors?

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