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    Post 2006 RXP pumping coolant into hull; HELP!?!?

    Hi guys,
    I'm pretty new to the forum. I've visited for a while, but just recently signed up.

    Anyway, I've got a 2006 RXP and I recently went through it after taking it out of winter storage (i.e. fixed the trim, oil change, spark plugs, etc.). I put it in the water this past weekend. And took it out and beat on it pretty good for 3 or 4 minutes. I came back in and everything seemed fine. I let my buddy take it out for a spin and realized as soon as he pulled away from shore that I had forgotten to top off the coolant reservoir with coolant, as I had siphoned some of the old stuff out ( at least what was in the reservoir ). I was trying to flag him down when sure enough I heard the alarm go off on it about 2 or 3 minutes into his ride. He limped it back to shore and when I pulled the seat off there was some coolant in the bottom of the hull and the tank was empty. I let it sit a bit, topped it off, and took it out again; same thing happened. Again, filled it and took it out, this time with the seat off. Looked and felt around, but I can't see where its coming from. Seems like its only doing it at or after WOT and the machine is warmed up. Also, several times when I tried to start it, the display will blink "SENSOR" and wont let me start the machine. I was just working on it out in the driveway and I siphoned a gallon of coolant out of the bottom of the hull and it spewed all that into the hull in a matter of 5-10 minutes worth of riding.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate it. I looked around the forum first, but I can't quite find anything that fits perfectly...

    I don't think its the head gasket. I've had no performance loss and I don't notice anything out of the ordinary as far as the exhaust is concerned. Also, no oil in the coolant and the coolant doesn't seem to be coming out of the overflow on the coolant reservoir.

    I've heard a lot about the ride plate leaking, but I just don't understand how the antifreeze would end up pooling in the hull like that if the ride plate sits external of the hull? Truth be told, I don't know a whole lot about the ride plate. Regardless, again, any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    I have had the coolant cap be a problem before. DO you have one to test? I have also had a thermostat stick from a long storage.

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    There is an overflow hose that connects to the tank and I think lays in the bottom of the hull (at least it does on mine). Maybe it got air in the system from being low and is overheating and coming out the overflow tube. The manual says to fill the system you need to bleed it by removing the center bolt in the back of the ride plate and filling the coolant jug until you don't see any air bubbles come out of the fluid coming out of the ride plate.

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    Its the head gasket leaking and pressurising the coolant read this post here and it explains how to check sounds like your problem.

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    Although the ride plate sits outside the hull, the pipes for the ride plate come up inside the hull. They are very sensitive and can crack or break easily if stressed. Get yourself a mechanics mirror and a flashlight, put it on the hose and inspect all coolant connections top side and bottom side. My bet is that you have a busted hose or weak clamp connection.

    You may also do a pressure test on the coolant system and see where it is leaking. Autozone will loan you a pressure tester for free but make sure you get the small cap tester in the kit.

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    Alright fellas; thanks a lot for the help. I'll start with a pressure test and or coolant flush and hopefully that leads me to the culprit. I'm praying its not the HG, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there if I have to. Thanks again for the help.

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    You don't need a coolant flush.
    You just did that by having it spew it into the hull.

    Sorry to say but I think its the head gasket.

    But also check your coolant hoses that hook into the ride plate.
    Dont yank on the hoses too hard because the fitting there hooked to goes into the ride plate.
    I've broken those fittings before and had to replace the ride plate.

    Sounds like a shop manual would help you out...

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