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    Can't grease intermediate shaft bearing

    When I try to grease the intermediate shaft bearing on my '04 GP800R, all it does is pop the hose off of the back of the grease fitting on the exhaust. If I hold it on there, it pops it off of the fitting on the housing. Obviously there is a blockage, is this a problem anybody has experienced before? Am I going to have to remove it and take it apart??


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    Well, this is the Kawasaki forum. They don't have grease fittings on the intermediate shaft--but my Yamaha boat does.

    It doesn't take much grease. Too much will blow the hose, as you learned. The hose might be blocked because the grease inside may be 9 years old.

    Keep in mind that the grease does NOT lubricate the bearing, it helps to seal out water. It only takes a little grease. We tell people to pump it until you see the hose move, then stop.

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    Lol, by bad I could have sworn I posted in the Yami forum... Please delete.


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