I took my new '97 GTX out on the lake last saturday, and it ran pretty well despite one problem. Any time I tried to open the throttle completely, the ski instantly bogged down. I cruised at about 3/4 throttle for a good hour and a half, and other then the occasional spudder (which I expected from a ski that had been sitting atleast a year), it ran pretty well. I could cruise along at about 6780 RPM no problem, but any time I tried to ease the throttle a little further (or open it up from an idle) the ski would bog down and almost die.

I took the carbs off and opened them up tonight. They had supposedly been rebuilt last year, and I have no reason to doubt that. I saw no varnish, and the diaphragms and seals were good and soft. I cleaned the jets with a piece of copper wire (without removing them, as they didn't have any visible blockages or buildup at all), and soaked the inline filters in acetone before putting everything back together. The only thing I noticed that was wrong was when I removed the carbs from the ski. One gasket between the carb and the engine was completely missing (No goo or other attempt to seal it), the other looked fine.

My mechanic seems to think the lack of seal would cause a significant air leak which would cause my problem, just wondering what you guys think.

A few other facts:
Grey fuel lines were replaced immediatly before I bought the ski. I cleaned the sediment filter, and made sure the fuel selector valve wasn't clogged.

The battery I'm currently using is "too small" for the ski (It came out of my Waverunner 500, and looks like a plain ATV/Lawn Mower battery). I've been meaning to pick up the correct battery, but it cranks fine and appeared to run fine for the moment.

The spark plugs looked to be the correct mocha color. I didn't properly read them though, but I believe I was cruising at 3/4 throttle the last 20 or so minutes of my last ride. The plugs were also brand new before the ride.

I won't have the gaskets until at earliest tomorrow, and predict one of three things. The first being that the missing gasket was the problem, the second that it is an electrical issue caused by either a weak battery or failing voltage regulator (I'll pick up a spark light if needed), and the third is that the high flow jet needs to be adjusted (which would be a lot easier for me to do now while the carbs are out). I'm just wondering what you guys think!

Thanks for any advice, and I'll keep this thread updated with what I do and what fixes the issue!