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    Ski commute and gas mileage

    I've got a good running '93 VXR pro 700 I'm thinking of cruising down the river and back about 30 miles one way. Anyone ever make any commutes? I'm also wondering how many hours/miles I can get out of a full tank? Haven't had it out enough yet to know my fuel consumption. It's got an 8 gallon tank.

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    Dont think you will make it with out refueling....

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    I used to take long trips on mine quite a bit. Just looked at the lake map and mine would go 47-53 miles on a full tank. That would be mostly cruising at 30mph with my 240# self on board.

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    according to yamaha your range at wot is 1.2 hrs at 30mph thats a distance of 45 miles at wot you said your trip was 30 miles that puts myself rite on youll need to plan a fuel stop at your stop. good luck

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