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    Will YDIS 1.33 work on a 2012 FZS?

    Tried the ECU forum section with out luck so I hope someone coudl help here.

    Recently bought a 2012 FZS and are interested in double check the hours and collecting some data from how the previous owner treated the machine.

    Which YDIS version and cable + box set up do I need?

    If somone also got a link where to buy that would be great.. as I recently contacted some sellers on ebay and got "probably" and "if itīs in the list" as a reply, which didnīt really convience me to hit the buy button.


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    Version 1.33 will work with all Yamaha fuel injected PWCs and outboards, and is what you want. This is the latest version that most of the guys sell on Ebay for typically $150 or less. I don't know that there is a real difference between the different versions for sale on Ebay. I suspect that the only difference is in the cable and how they built it, but I don't know that one type is better than another. I bought an "official" version several years ago from a Yamaha dealer, and I have a friend who bought the cheapest Ebay version he could find, and I can't tell any difference between his verion and mine.

    The latest version of the software that Yamaha has produced is 2.0 and is available only to dealers at a cost of close to $1400 the last time I checked. It can do a few things that the older version can't, but is geared primarily for the outboard market.

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    As far as I know, 2012 on FX's need version 2.0 if you need to diagnose anything to do with the throttle, as they are completely fly by wire, unlike previous models which still have a cable to the APS, but everything else on version 1.33 will work. As far as I know, the 2012 FZS still uses the old style cable to APS ( although I stand to be corrected on this ) so all should be good with version 1.33.

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    Thanks Ernest T and volltrex. It was the "fly by wire" issue that I read about somewhere earlier and was worried about, but as long as it still connects then it will be worth a 100 usd..

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    Its my understanding that 1.33 will connect and give you the basic diagnostic stuff for some, but possibly not all systems on the newer models. For example you can test the fuel injectors, and ignition coils, monitor oil pressure, check some of the sensors, etc). You can't actually change anything with this software...........its just for monitoring and some basic testing functions. The system is a little awkward and not particularly user friendly IMO. I've been running it on my PWC and my Yamaha outboard for a couple of years now, and I'm still learning how to work it.

    You will need the 2.0 version to diagnose more systems (like the electronic throttle, etc. found on the newer skis). The 2.0 version also gives you more options to actually tweak engine performance on certain engines. However, at this time the 2.0 version is only available to authorized dealers.

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    I got the 1.33 version and a odbIiusb cable but didn't get it to connect with the software. Plugged the cable into the contact where the tacho/speedometer is normally plugged in (as explained in the ydis manual) but it didn't want to sync with Ydis. Red light on the odbII lights up and software works fine on the computer.

    Is there different/separate diagnostic port on a 2012 model?
    Any general suggestions?
    Anywhere you could get hold of the absolute latest database for 1.33 version?

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