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    ride plate problems??

    I have a 2004 gp1300r. I have free flow exhaust, top loader grate, and solas 13/19 impeller. It does 65 mph on the lake, gps. It's really hasn't been sitting in the water very good at the top end. So i recently bought an r & d ride plate. The jet ski lost 3 mph and actually worse at sitting in the water. So than I purchased the 87mm reduction nozzle in hopes that this might help and now with the reduction nozzle, it's even worse. Now It's stopping it self around 50 mph. it's like i'm hitting the brakes. It also took a nice left hand turn when i let up on the thottle. I currenly have two washers in between the hull and ride plate which makes it flush with the shoe except in the middle. I also messed around with trim cable in the back in a attempt to get the nozzle to spray straighter. Anybody know where I went so wrong or why my jet ski doesn't want to sit in the water at high speeds in the lake? I appreciate the help. Jeremy

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    The plate should be recessed up .030 or so from the shoe... its good you are looking at the sides of the shoe, because the bottom doesnt really matter. Get a small straight edge and check it. Also pull all shims from the rear and if you didnt grind your pump/nozzle the plate may be hitting there

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    I never did grind the pump/ nozzle because the direction said see fig 1 and 2 but never came with those figures. I'll look to see where it is hitting thank u.

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