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Thread: 96 xp misfire

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    96 xp misfire

    My 96 xp is misfiring. I can place the short wire on either cylinder and it will fire. The long wire will rarely fire. I know they fire at the same time so I went ahead and replaced the coil with wires and added new MSD plug ends. Even with the new coil and wires I am having the same issue. The battery is showing 14.2 volts when its running. I have swapped everything in the electrical box with spares that I have except for the mpem. I have cleaned all the shavings out of the stator housing and inspected it and the pickup coil which seem fine. I put a new battery in it and have disconnected all accesory items to rule them out and still only the short plug wire fires consistently on either cylinder. The only thing I see now is to try the spare Mpem after I reprogram it to the key. Any suggestons?

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    Only 1 of my spark plugs would fire at the end of last season, so i just replaced the coil and wires as well. Tried to start and the motor wouldn't turn over at all. The battery was trash so i replaced battery and the motor still wont turn over. Now i am going to try turning the PTO by hand because i replaced starter last year. What other reasons are there on why the motor wont turn over (at all, just one click noise).

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    Mine started to do the same this evening. The black relay in the electronics box in the nose will click but the starter solenoid will not. I should see current on the yellow wire with the red stripe coming out of the mpem when I hit the start switch but I am not. If it is a bad mpem I was considering the MSD-4255 or one of the aftermarket ones on ebay like but I do not know if they really work well.

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    I had that and replaced the stator. Worked for me.

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    Yes, have you ohmed out the stator? They are a known trouble spot on the 787.

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    The bracket on the early 787's was weakly supported and often cracked causing a miss before it broke off. Also the rectifier/regulator is a common spot. Unplug the red wire on that for a quick test to see if the miss clears up but careful because your voltage will spike.

    Dickboxers- Check your battery voltage and make sure it is well over 12v. If so then cross the top posts on your solenoid in the rear(black) electrical box and see if the engine turns over. If it does then it could be your solenoid.

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