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    947/951 fuel in lower crankcase


    I have my engine out of my 98 gtx ltd for a bendix replacement and desided to take a good lookover on my ski when i opened the top oil fill it was grey and mucky with a strong smell of gas I know the smell of seadoo synthetic pump oil
    bottom drain 5/6mm alan key on bottom of block was dry (not sure what goes in there)

    also changing out oil injection lines

    crankcase oil is mixed with gas and trying to figure the cause

    i did accidently forget to shut my fuel switch off over the fall/winter, is this the end result?

    the ski was out 2 weeks ago when the bendix went

    ski has 157 hours and pretty well maintained except for forgetting fuel switch shut off

    can i get recomendations please


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    2 stroke 947 dont have an oil fill ???
    The 5/6 mm allen key bolt is the balancer shaft/crank gear oil reservoir .
    This should have 40 ml/1.35 oz of SAE 30 oil in there.

    The fuel problem has occurred because the needle and seats in the carbs are leaking fuel past them and when the weather started to warm up fuel pressure increased and this was the weakest point in the fuel system so it leaked into the carbs down the reeds and into the crankcase

    You need to pull the carbs and test the pop off as I think they would be or maybe just one is very low.

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