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    High idle after stage 3 install

    Hey guys I just finished up the install of the riva stage 3 kit on my 09 fzr, on the first start up and running it on the hose the idle seems to be up around 1800-2000 rpms now. The idle also seems to "hang" when you rev it up to any point. What could my issues be? Air leak around the throttle body? I know the throttle blade is not sticking as I lubed it prior to reinstalling. Thanks in advance.

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    What kind of ECU you have !!!!! Because if it is a athena the idle need to be adjust. My friend fzr with the athena the idle was around 2000 to 2200 rpms

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    It's an Athena, how do you go about adjusting it?

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    Email Rob Crain @ [email protected] he should be able to help you out.

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