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    1999 yamaha gp1200 starter problem.

    Ok just got rebuilt engine installed in ski, went to start it up and all i got was bumping sound almost like a dead battery. After checking connections and trying again a spark came out over the engine blew the fuse and now i have nothing no power to dash to bumping anymore nothing fuse replaced tried to bypass the solenoid and nothing no spark acts like theres no juice from battery but its brand new not even 3 weeks old. I noticed that the ground seems to be in wrong spot it is connected to a engine mount bolt could a bad ground be part of my problem, also i had juice till dash untill the fuse blew did i fry something in the dash? I need somewhere else to look here i am running out of ideas.

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    When you jump the solenoid across the large terminals does the engine spin over.

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    nothing happens when solenoid is jumped no spark no movement from starter nothing like theres no battery in the ski.

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    Since the starter does nothing and that's a fairly simple circuit, focus on that first. Lets try to get to the point where jumping the solenoid make the starter crank over. Thats the easiest. It just needs power and ground.
    So follow the power (red) cable from the battery to the starter. Make sure that cable isn't fried, shorted to ground, and the connection are good/clean/tight.
    Next follow the ground (black) cable from the battery to the engine block. Make sure it isn't fried and the connection is good/clean/tight. It is supposed to be connected to the starter bracket bolt, IIRC. Move it to that location.
    Then try to crank it with the button or bypass the solenoid.

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    ok volt meter really helps with a new fuse, found out the ground wire location seems to be bad location. Volt meter showed no power when hooked to ground wire placed on battery neg terminal it showed power will get back to you when i have time off work to move wire then will re-post with how that goes

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    Ok you were right on with the bad ground wire changed it bypassed solenoid then remembered it had to have a security code and then got my display back and starter button works will defiantly keep this form in my favorites pages

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