Hi guys i have just fitted a full riva stage 3 kit including the Athens ecu on my 09 fzr ski

I have spoken to Jerry and Bubba and they are both looking in to my problems but I was wondering if anyone has had the same issues as me or knows how to fix it?

After fitting all of the riva parts and setting the Fp to the correct setting 65psi I finally ran the ski in the water and noticed that the warning light & check engine symbol continually flashed on the ski display.

When i run the ski up connect the laptop with the riva software the warning light and check engine stops flashing. As soon as you disconnect the laptop and re start the engine the warning light starts flashing again!

I have noticed sometimes when you shut the engine down it does a small backfire.

The engine runs fine with out any problems although I haven't given it a proper sea trial as yet.

The second problem is the ideal! It is running @ 1700 to 2000 rpm

Does anyone know how to lower it down?