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    98 GP800 making a sweeping right hand turn...all the time.

    I just acquired a 98 GP800 that on its first test ride wanted to make a constant sweeping right hand turn. You can hold a hair left on the bars and go straight, but the boat leans (as if it were turning left...only you're going staight at that point). When the bars are straight, the boat is going right, but no lean. From reading online, I've gathered that detereorating stock trim tabs are likely to blame. All I see under my boat are strips of black plastic about an inch wide screwed in the "front" of the indentations at the back of the hull. Neither looks like its hanging down, or loose or anything, but then again, I'm not 100% sure what it used to look like.

    Sound like trim tabs might be my problem? Nozzle appears to be aligned pretty well with the bars, and further, even if the cable was out of alignment, wouldn't turning them slightly back to the left just result in going straight...without any lean...?

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    Your ski should have adjustable sponsons on each side of the hull. If so are they adjusted the same? Im not surr what the black plastic screwed underneath is, I dont recall my 98 gp800 having them.

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    Sponsons are both all the way down. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    try putting the sponsons all the way up. My GP does weird stuff like that with the sponsons down.

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