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    02 gtx 4 tec oil in hull

    Hello, my 02 4 tec has oil in the hull. I noticed it at the end of last year but it was black and thought it might of been left over crap from an engine swap since my oil is honey colored! I do think its leaking because the oil level is low when I uncovered it this year. Have not looked into it yet but did stick my hand down by the shaft/ pto area and feel clean oil there. It's been over a year so I can't remember if there is a seal there or does the bearing act as a seal? Just trying to pinpoint the issue so I can get it fixed! Or does the "o" rings in that floating seal with the c clip stop the oil? Sorry kinda vague in this post since I have not had time to really inspect it. Just want to know the cause for oil on the shaft by the pto if that is where my issue actually is. Need to dry and clean all oil to be sure. Any advice on seals/bearing in that location?

    thanks a million for any help!

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    Check and make sure the worm gear on the rubber boot is tight

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    Worm gear? I don't recall a worm gear?

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    Should be a clamp on the free floating bearing rubber boot. If its not tight oil
    Will leak out there

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    Comes with an Otiker from the factory. Some ppl put worm gears on after removing etc

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    I did not get to really check it today. I feel oil In the area of the bearing attached to the rubber boot but then again i feel oil on everything! lol. I really need to wipe it down clean and check. The clamp is there. Just wondering if the bearing goes bad does oil leak through it if is tight?

    Thanks, Jesse

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    Clean up all of the old oil in the bottom of the hull and as the guys say, check the PTO boot and bearing assembly for leaks, as that`s the most likely spot.
    There should be two oetiker clamps on the boot holding the boot assembly onto the PTO casing itself and the other one holding the bearing into the boot.
    You can check the boot for any leaks with the ski running on the hose....but dont run it for longer than a couple of minutes, so you dont overheat the carbon seal and top hat. You can put a paper towel of something below the boot when doing this or check for oil with your the driveshaft though, so you dont get caught up in it as it`s spinning, loose clothing etc.
    If it`s not the might be from the O rings, which if the driveshaft is the original one for that year... are on the shaft themselves and not inside the PTO bearing, like the newer style. If i remember correctly, there are two of them on the shaft in groves in front of the c-clip.

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    I'm hoping to get to it tomorrow and pinpoint the problem. It is one of my kids birthday but later in the day I should have time. Just going to use my 04 rxp for tubing in the morning

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    I had the same issue.

    Look here:-
    Post 59 and 60

    The picture shows the PTO bearing. Usually leaks from there if the bearing wasn't put on properly or is faulty.

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    Is that a seal in the pto housing or did you just replace the floating bearing. From the pics it looks like it has 2 O rings in it. I assume it likely leaked between there and the shaft? Assume oil gets into that boot and its not sealed at the pto housing itself?

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