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    Wink '08 GPR ???? who knows

    went into my yamaha dealer a month ago and saw an 07 gpr and asked him if it was old 06 stock- he told me the 07 was identical to 06 which to him indicated that for 08 it would be totally new ski, prob not 2 stroke and maybe not even called GPR???????????

    Anyone got any idea/rumors/inside info??

    Anyone wanna start any rumors................. I heard it was gonna run zoomies (exhaust like top fuel funnycar out from above the sponsons - 2 each side as it is a V4) hehehe

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    I have been told that yamaha intends to sell the 1300rs until late 08. No new 2 seater from yamaha until 09. You will see a new 3 seater with an all new motor in 08.

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    Hopefully by 2010 they will have a new GPR 2 seater, non of this couch 2 seater stuff, with a powerful 4 cycle. Like 275hp

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    I heard Yamaha is coming out with a new engine (4 stroke) and it is going to be BIG!
    I heard next year which would mean 08.
    Bombardier knows about it and they are countering.
    I can't say any more.

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    god i hope they do. I almost bought an rxp .

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    Here in Oz the dealers have been told by Yamaha that end of 07 will see a 200-210hp model released, they aren't letting on what sort of configuration (ie: if it will be N/A or forced induction) although they were hinting at a 4 stroke.

    considering the competition already has a 250hp ski out I think Yamaha should be shooting higher then whats rumored from the dealers... or maybe they are just understating the claims so the market is surprised? who knows?

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