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    Western US Endurance Championship Race, 300 Mile Endurance Race at Lake Perris Califo

    Western US Endurance Championship Race, 300 Mile Endurance Race at Lake Perris California, USA

    Should we have the interest from PWC / Jet Ski Racers and Standup Racers, we can do a 300 mile race at Lake Perris in the October / November
    timeframe of 2013. This includes full Pit stops with Pit Crews and a VERY large Pit and Pit Crew area! This race will be open to both standups and PWC/Runabouts with similar classes to the LB2CAT Offshore National Championship Race. For safety, there will be a staggered start with PWCs first followed by the standups.

    We want your feedback! Here is what we need to know please send your email / feedback to both [email protected] AND [email protected] with the following feedback:

    1. Your interest level? Are you in or are you out?
    2. What weekend would work best for you in October or November of 2013?
    3. You like the distance of 300 miles or do you want more or less?
    4. Any / all other suggestions

    Looking at ways to tie this into a series with LB2CAT and others, but that is all discussion at this point.

    Where is Lake Perris? Southern California, USA - Lake Perris:

    Map to lake Perris:
    Thank you!

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    Feedback emails keep flowing in - thank you

    Latest: Turning into more of a Sprint Endurance Race... Feedback I am receiving is that we should keep only one 300 mile race per year (The Hahn..), that the cost of doing two of these 300 mile races per year (fuel, Pit Crew, quad, quad trailer etc and the overall logistics of a Pit Crew) would be cost prohibitive to many racers. That's why most want to split it up into three 50 - 55 mile legs. Almost every contemporary watercraft can make that distance on one tank of fuel which means nobody minus standups would need a pit crew. As you know, pitting a standup is a lot easier than a PWC. People are also concerned about the toll another 300 mile race could take on their ski. Most seem to want a Saturday race first weekend in November or last weekend in October.

    If you're considering racing, we want to hear from you - keep it coming [email protected]

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    Thank you for all of the inquiries....information coming early next week. Working out final details. Stay tuned

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    All - for those asking about the status of the October 2013 Lake Perris Endurance Sprint Race... all of the feedback each of you has provided to me has been passed along to Ross - I have submitted a recommended format for the race to RPM/Ross for his review - all based on and variations of what all of you have recommended. Ross has been reviewing the document and is determining go / no-go criteria / potential race format / pricing etc. Ultimately Ross will determine if the race happens, price and format for the race. Going forward, please direct your questions regarding the race to Ross / RPM Racing Enterprises. Thank you

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