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    Engine Alignment Confusion (WFO please read, among others)

    '04 GP800R

    I got my motor back together and time to drop it in. Previous owner clearly did not properly do things to this ski while working on it, long story short, when I pulled the motor there were no shims at all under the motor so i have to start from scratch. When you place it in there like that the motor points way down towards the back, so clearly I need to buy shims.

    Just messing around using washers and the rubber couple piece out, I have figured that 3.5 mm of shims on each rear mount and 2.0mm of shims on each front mount gets the motor about as lined up as I can imagine. (side note, Can I just use stainless fender washers instead of buying shims from Riva??)

    So the part that confuses me is that I found WFO's engine alignment post, where he speaks towards dropping equal thickness shims under each mount (no size instruction but he did mention somthing about 1/8'' in the post and that seems to be about what i have in the rear of the motor) putting the bolts halfway in, kicking the starter and letting the motor "fall into place". Well, confused, one because my engine will not line up with equal sized shims all the way around and two, with that method it doesn't seem like any "alignment" is going on other than the motor settling which it seems to do just by gravity?

    Any help appreciated!


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    Really you can slide the motor around by hand. I do that after I get the correct shims in the place to straighten the motor up in the mounts. Do yours by hand if its easier for you... look at the couplers and it will give you all the info for shimming you need, you just need the stinger out of the way. Make sure couplers are aligned top and bottom, and side to side. It doesnt have to be perfect, so dont over analyze it, but if you are needing too many weird combos od shims, then something else is wrong... like bad motor mount, or I shaft alignment. The pump must be in before you try to align the motor

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    Thanks WFO, got it done.

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