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    Looking for advice on strainers and modifying the pisser

    I have 2 2001 Kawasaki 1100 STX DI and I am debating on wether not to to put a strainer on my skis. I would like to hear from people that have done it and any issuses or advice you may have. I also would like to know if anyone has modified the pisser so they can see it better to know if there is any debris that could be blocking it. Any pros and cons of either would be great.

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    I've got strainers on my 'good' 'Skis. Buy a good one (Groco). Also, carry a barbed splice connector so you can bypass it just in case it springs a leak--which has never happened to me. A strap wrench is helpful for cleaning it if you pick up debris out on the water.

    There is a mod called the Triple Pisser mod for the Ultra 150. It allows you to monitor water flow out of each cylinder head. Unfortunately, it's not applicable to the other engines. The pisser on yours should be easy to see.

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