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    1994 Waverunner pro 650 Not starting....has spark fuel and compression??

    am very frustrated, im working.on my nephew's 94 Waverunner ran a year ago, and all of a sudden, it died on the p.o and wouldn't start.Ive checked spark,fuel & compression, it did start when.I first got it hooked to battery. Died and did only start one other time randomly.I took the carb off, checked all passages, cleaned and replaced...still nothing, just cranks with no fire.It has new plugs, good gas, full new battery.Even pouring gas directly in carb, no fire at all. I pulled plug boots and clipped wire back half has spark, but seems weak? I can hold the wire on my finger and crank it all my lawn mower will knock you on your a##.Could this be my no start condition? What would cause this?I'm super lost on this...please any help greatly appreciated

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    yall suck, iboats would have responded by now

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    even though i suck ill take a stab at saying you answered your own question. theres just not enouff spark to fire the plug in the hole..... pull the plugs crank it, can you see the spark jump the gap? its much less painfull than your method. the spark must be BRIGHT BLUE AND CRANK IT FOR A GOOD 30 COUNT MAKE SURE IT DOSNT HIT ONCE and fade away.
    if all elce fails spend the nite at a holiday in express youll know it all by morning

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