Hello all. I recently took my friends 09fzr out and absolutely loved it. I have been looking to purchase a new waverunner now. I am torn between the fx sho cruiser or the fzs. I see the fx sho is more luxury with the features but how else are they diffenent? I know they have the same motor but different hulls as well. I was basically told the fzs is a sports car and the fx sho is a Cadillac . Has anyone had experience with both?

my use will be around the Virginia beach area. Will be inland some and want to take it out in open ocean and potentially longer trips down south. I want to be able to go fast, nice turns, tow people, and go cruising as well. Single guy no family. Just trying to get some opinions on the two models. I would prefer a three seater with supercharger.

also whatever I pick, I have heard posts about bucking and some type of intake grate? Not real familiar so any info on that would be appreciated.