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    Riva or R&D parts?

    I see most people on the forum use Riva parts. How does anyone feel about any of the R&D components such as the exhaust kit, intake grate, or ride plate for a 2009 Yamaha FX SHO?

    if I do go with Riva I was thinking of the stage 1 kit to start. I was Going to see about exchanging the blowoff valve kit for the impeller since I really did not want to take the Jet pump apart, but the salesman told me that they quality engineer their products and they have pretty good instructions on how to switch things out.

    Finally, how much of a pain is it to remove the ribbon? Looks like some tight space and not a lot of visual guidance.

    Wanted- ski cover (new or used 09FXSHO Cruiser) and engine cover for the same.

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    I found the ribbon delete to be very easy.

    As long as you have tools, your good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmfmk3 View Post
    I found the ribbon delete to be very easy.

    As long as you have tools, your good to go.
    I agree it looks way more intimidating than it really is. Nothing hard about it at all I put it in a anyone with a few tools can do it category.

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    if we are talking strictly between those two brands i would get intake prop and exhaust from riva then ride plate ribbon delete and grate from r&d.

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    Mix and match its what i did, I would forget about what stage to buy.

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    -what other brands do you suggest. Best quality and bang for the buck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gashog301 View Post
    Mix and match its what i did, I would forget about what stage to buy.
    +1 Same here.

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    bang for the buck make your own intake and ff exhaust,r&d grate, and have jim's performance mod your stock plate and pitch your stock prop.

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    My skis are a mix and match of both. Some things I love the Riva design and others I prefer the R&D. I think there quality is equal and its just a matter of personal choice.

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    Ok, I ordered the intake, ribbon delete, free-flow exhaust, and oil breather to start. All from Riva, so I can have them picked up locally by a friend and shipped to me.

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