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    gp1200r idling and starting

    thursday i had my 2000 gp1200r out and when i started it with the choke on it would run for a minute then cut out so what i eventually did was just start it on choke then turn the choke off give it gas and go. later i was with a friend and he was idling at 2 or 3 mph and when i tried to let my ski idle it would just stall and i had to keep it at 7 or 8 mph in order for it not to stall. when i brought it back to the ramp i started it to put it on the trailer and it jumped right away to 12 mph and when i got home to flush it, it was reving like crazy and wouldnt stop. anyone know what could be the issue with the idling and reving? also when i was coming back to the ramp i was going about 30mph and my speedometer just turned off. my reset button does have a crack in it so im not sure if anything can be getting water damaged?

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    Does the throttle cable feel fine when you use it?

    Check to see when you let off to return to idle and cable actually is letting the engine return to idle.

    Then I would check for vacuum leaks. Has it been apart recently to fix anything? If so, start checking in those areas first.

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