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    RXT X aS 260 top speed problems... help


    Since today, top speed not more 104 km/h...

    RPM never going up 7700...

    What is the problem? 81 hours... already supercharger??? Sea-doo is stock.


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    all this after the ibr update... is there a link?

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    Is your bucket dragging?
    I've seen the bucket not go all the way up and create resistance.

    With 81+ hours on a supercharged ski it could be needing a rebuild of the s/c.
    That depends 100% on how you ride and in what riding conditions???

    If you ride in rough conditions and are constantly coming unhooked then I'd say its getting close to rebuild time.
    If your on flat water then your probably ok in the s/c department.

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    they said sc was good they reprogrammed the throttle... i'll try it soon...

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    Im having the same problem on my ski at 61 hours. Its been doing for the last 20 hours at least. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't find the problem. I max out at 7600 rpm's at 63-64 mph. I seriously cannot figure out whats wrong. Everyones suggestions on here didn't solve it. I haven't heard of the bucket dragging solution. How do you know if it is dragging? When I go to brake from a good speed, the water doesn't shoot up in the air like it used to.

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    I'm french... What you mean by bucket dragging solution???
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    Have you guys checked your oil??

    A ski that is over full will loose rpms.
    Dealerships are always over filling skis.
    9 out of 10 that I buy that have been stealership serviced are Atleast 1 quart over full.
    Remember its not like checking a cars oil.

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    Dealer changed the supercharger... same thing... going back to the dealer monday...

    What do you think is the problem?

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    Engine alignment. I have the same issue with my 2011 RXTX aS and have done tons of reading which leads me to believe that the engine is out of alignment. Accord to some guys on here almost everything 2010-2011 RXTX they have seen was out of alignment. I rented the alignment tool from JT and will be checking my alignment this weekend. Ill post back in here once I see if my motor is out of alignment.

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    I'm waiting news from you Rex! Thanx!

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