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    No spark... MSX 150

    Got the motor all back in and ready to go. I pushed the start button and.. nothing. So I took a screw driver and jumped the terminals on the relay and it turns over and sounds great, but wont fire. Checked and its not getting spark.

    It has new battery, I checked the connections at the ECU for corrosion and they are clean, checked the three fuse boxes and all 9 fuses are good, the three ground wires are connected to the ground post..

    What else could it be?? And why when I push the starter button would nothing happen? The mode button for the display works fine.

    Thanks for any help y'all can provide.

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    When you tap the start button... the starter does NOT work... but do you still hear the fuel pump prime (hum) and the ETB clicking? This would indicate the system is at least powering up.

    Put a volt meter on the the battery and watch it while you hit the starter button. What does it read? My first thought was low battery voltage... but that will still let the engine crank... it just won't start because voltage is too low to power up the systems. But if your not even cranking... hmmm.

    Got the lanyard in?

    Could be the SIFB... or the kill/start switch...

    Did the ski run normally before the engine tear-down?


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    I didnt own it before... I was told it was running, but had motor issues and had to be rebuilt, I got it after the rebuild but with motor not put back in yet. I got it all put and and everything hooked up, thats where im at now...

    Battery is brand new today, so its got lots of power. When I push the start button I dont here anything. The lanyard is in. I do have a matching MSX 150 that runs great, so I can try swapping parts. Just trying to figure out where to start...

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    Well, not sure what happened, but when I came in to eat dinner someone must have showed up and fixed it, because I went back out and hit the button and it fired right up!!

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    And we have an oil leak... Great..

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