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    Oil leak from under exhaust manifold...

    So the newly rebuilt motor started, I ran it for 2-3 seconds and pulled the cord. Few minutes later I notice oil off the bottom of the ski... Looking around it was coming from the left side. I unhooked the coils and injectors and turned it over for a few seconds, as soon as i let off the button I can see oil gushing out from under the exhaust manifold... I can't see where its coming from.. It was like there is a hose unhooked or something.. Is there a hose under there? Or some sort of plug or something? Any way to get to there without pulling the motor again??

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    Weber turbo engine, I presume.

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    Well I figured it out.. Had to completely pull the motor again.. Found that there is a hole right under where the oil filter screws on that is just open and letting the oil spray out..

    In looking at the manual, you can see it on page 4.8 The circle right under where the oil filter screws on, looks in the picture like maybe it should have a oil plug in it..

    Looks like I gotta talk to WeberPower tomorrow and get something on the way.

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    Leave it to me to have something odd.. I lifted the motor so I could get a good look, this is what I found. The hole appears to be threaded, but was painted over from the factory. It seems the only thing holding in the oil was the paint, which isn't holding in oil anymore...

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