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    2001 yamaha xlt 1200 exhaust light coming on and high idle

    Im rather new with jet ski's but not with boats. Anyhow today I took my jet skis out and when starting the one the idle was running really high at about 3800 without even touching the throttle. The other problem is that while underway the exhaust warning light comes on and then I turn it off for a second and then start it again and it doesn't come on for about another 5-10 minutes. Any ideas and are these problems related.

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    My little girls did the same exact thing this past weekend. I called the tech who rebuilt the ski back in April and he said it maybe temp sensor.... Hope that narrows it down a tad? I;m going to drop it off this weekend and if thats what it is i'll send pic or locate a part if need be...

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    High idle will more than likely be an air leak, this could also be causing the temp warning if your head is leaking. Shine a torch down the spark plug hole and look to see if you have a clean piston from water intrusion. This is just a starting point as there's many things it could be.

    Iv found if it idles high out of the water and comes good in the water the air leak is in the head gasket. If it idles high both in and out the leak is on the intake side of things. This is because the water in the cooling passage replaces the air leak with a water leak.

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    Thanks guys, right now I'm a little stumped and feeling a bit defeated after checking to see if it had a D plate in it and it does. But the diagnosis that you get let me know and I'll look into it as well

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