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    1998 TS640L no power, lack of fuel...

    This thing has me stumped. Had the carb/pump apart more times than I care to count. I rebuilt it with a dip in carb solution for 30 minutes and blew out the ports with air. I did not replace needle/seat or pop off spring. Needle/seat look good. Spring seems ok. It ran fine through 6 gallons of gas then.....

    Here is the problem. it starts/idles ok. It will once in a while take off like a 640 should. Sometimes you have to play with the choke and sometimes it flat out refuses to go no matter what you do. Holding the throttle wide open it runs smooth but just won't go. I don't hold it long since it's likely lean. I tied a 50 foot rope to the tow hook and a tree at the other end (it takes a while to get in to deep enough water to hit WOT) this carb has no accel pump but when you snap the throttle no fuel is seen in the middle of the carb where it comes out. IF you can get it to spin up it does start spitting out.

    If I had to guess I'd say it's not "popping off" like it's suppose to.

    Every time I take it apart there seems to be fuel in all the places it should be. fuel filter always has fuel in it.

    One thing I noticed is the high side mixture screw looks like a jet. No adjustments at all. But when looking at photos of carbs for sale on Ebay they have the same thing.

    I filled the tank and it did not change.

    Last compression check was 145/150 a week ago.

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    Problem found. cracked reed plate.

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