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    ski not starting, no power to 30 amp relay.

    its a 2008 GTI SE 155. I cant get a wiring diagram. The ski was acting finicky and I noticed problems with the small 30 amp relay in the smaller fuse box. I have a bunch of sea-doos and every once in a while nothing will happen when you put in the key. Just pulling an re-seating this relay usually solves the problem. It was acting weird and I ended up re-seating this relay a handfull of times today. Finally I could not get the ski to start at all. I removed the relay and jumped the connection, put the key in and it started right up, pulled the key and it turned off. So for whatever reason the relay is not getting power to kick over. I dont have a wiring diagram, so here is my question: What supplies the power to kick this relay over. for whatever reason its not supplying power and nothin is working. I have already tried a relay from a different boat it made no difference.

    thanks a ton everybody.

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    It appears that the ground is bad, rather then spend hours tracing the ground wire I cleaned all ground and then spliced into the ground wire that was faulted and ran a ground directly to the battery. problem solved.

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    There is a small diode in line that plugs in to harness. Located right there by relay holder. Should be ziptied to harness. I have had two of these bad. I think 08 was only year with this? Check this diode.

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