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    Stx-15f guys: info needed

    I found a 2005 stx15f in my area for sale- had 110 hours and a one owner ski that he bought in '06. Has cover,trailer,tool kit and is pretty clean over all with just normal wear and tear on it. What is a good price range for this model? I am not too familiar with the stx and want to pay a fair price. Has a fresh oil/plug change and winterized each year. It's on the original impeller and starts right up idles/revs good on the hose. I can get it for $3500.

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    That price is fair enough. We have a 2009 STX15F and it has been a awesome ski in every possible way for us.

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    35 is a good price test drive it if it doesnt get over him down 2 $3000 .but overall thats pretty low hours.for that year i have a 2006 had 3 of them great's a roll of the dice.but i bet if its lasted that long just maintain it and u will get a lot of hrs. Out of it go 4it

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    I agree. That's not a bad price. It probably won't last long. I have an 06 with 425 hours on it and I haven't really had to fix anything I didn't create. Good luck!!

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    Thanks for the info guys. I thought it was a fair price- just wanted to check with you guys. I didnt want to over pay in case I don't like the way it rides for some reason and could still get my money out of it.

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