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    94 SP project

    Well I purchased a 94 Seadoo sp the other day. Its UGLY!! but it was DIRT cheap so I said what the heck i'll buy it.. Did a compression test 145 145. Not bad I thought. So I cleaned the carbs, replaced the fuel lines and started right up. Thats where my problems began. The drive shaft was seized to the shaft bearing and ripped the entire thing apart. I don't know the name of the part that goes out the back of the ski. but it needs to be replaced.
    Found that the wear ring need to be replaced and the impeller bearings and messed up. I found a guy that has the same ski that rebuilt the entire jet pump, went out on his first ride and blew the motor. He's willing to sell the newly rebuilt jet pump for $50.

    So for a grand total of $250 (+cost of registration) I got a fairly inexpensive way to keep my kids busy for the summer.
    Does anyone know the proper name of the part that the drive shaft bearing goes into in the back of the ski to keep the water out?

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    Can anyone tell me if the 94 seadoo sp and the 95 spx have inter changeable parts? Will the jet pump off the 95 spx fit the 94 sp?

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    Yes those skis are pretty much the same as far as parts. The other thing is what most would call a "Thru-hull" shaft assembly or seal and yea theres a kit made for it because it happened alot.....And Yea $250! smokin deal!

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