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    1995 SL650, oil accumulated inside engine during storage

    so backround story, two years ago i put stablizer in the gas took out battery and covered it up.

    this year tried to start it and it was hydro locked, pulled plugs hit starter and oil shot out everywhere, oil in the carbs and full in the engine.

    question what happened and what should i do?

    i have a carb rebuild kit and there is a triple outlet fuel pump on it.

    It is a 95 sl650. any info would help
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    Sounds like the oil drained via gravity from the oil tank, through the oil pump, and into the engine.

    I think there are supposed to be check valves in each oil nipple at the carburetors. If one or more of those check valves is stuck open then the oil can drip into the engine when engine is not running. When running, the oil pump creates oil pressure which pushes the check valves open to flow oil, and when engine stops the check valves are supposed to seat and prevent oil seepage.

    I suggest you remove and clean out the oil nipples with carb cleaner or similar solvent.

    Have the carburetors been internally cleaned and rebuilt in recent memory? If not, now would be a good time to do so. Only use genuine OEM carb rebuild kits, much better quality.

    See my signature links for more info and common maintenance items on your blue Fuji engine.

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