Ok here it goes.i live in lindenhurst,long island new york.i have a kawasaki stx 15-f which i rode right up till the first week of oct.hurricane sandy hit us so i was distracted from my winterizing duties pertaining to the jetski.i treated the gas,fogged the cylinders.but forgot to complete the antifreeze process.i did several times run the jetski to get as much water out as possible.i do remember doing this till there was nothing coming out.and i never ran it long enough for the overheat sensor to come on.just recently i had the water running through it when i had the engine off.i took plugs off and i changed oil several times as well as filter to get all the water out.which i did.so i put the jetski in the water today.put it in reverse she roared right off the trailer circled for a minute shut it off.parked car and trailer.went back wouldnt turn over took it home removed plugs water was shooting out of one cylinder.the number 2.blah!any advice.should i start getting ready to pull engine.can really use some quick advice.going 2 pick up repair manual monday.i know i'm a dumbass 4 not putting the antifreeze in or running water with engine off.just been crazy busy working fixing peoples homes here,which thank god the majority of people r back to normal.anyway,how screwed am i can use advice.i will have this baby going as long as the block is not cracked,thanks fellow jetskiers,regards mike.p.s.help