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    Flushing 2009 superjet?

    I have just purchased my new ski, 09 model. Beautiful ski, I have just realized though, I have no idea where to flush it? I have tried looking where to flush it, can't find detailed instructions. I have a 2004 superjet, and it's flushing system is at the back left of the ski, and I have the flushing kit for that. I assumed it would be the same? But it's not, any advice would be great. Pictures would be even better!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have an 02 SuperJet and I have had a problem with flushing as well. Some of the guys at the dealer tried to show me on a newer model, but my ski- does not have a factory hookup for flushing the engine.
    There is a kit that I can buy to splice in to the current cooling lines, but I have figured out that if I pull the hose off the sight gauge, I can put the flushing hose right in to that and it seems to work fine. I have had no problems, and I hope I am not causing any.
    If someone knows of a hidden factory flush hookup on an 02, please let me know.

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