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    Unhappy 2004 RXP Impeller replacement

    Please advise...... I replaced the impeller and Wear ring on my 2004 RXP, it doesn't seem to engage or run correctly. It feels as if there is something caught in the intake grill but it is clear. It starts to pulls then it feels like there is something stopping the impeller. This is the second time I have replaced one of my impellers but this is the first time I have this problem. Even if I had the money to bring it to a dealer to be fixed, they wouldnt be able to start on it until August. Please advise as to what could be the problem. Thank you

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    What do you mean when u feels like something in grate. Do the rpms go up, but boat doesn't move?

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    Did you fully inspect the reverse bucket?

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    Check spark plugs, sometimes they will go in and out (misfire). Have you rebuilt your supercharger just a reminder.

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    Where u located at, where the dealer can't look at it till Aug.?

    Another dealer around??

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