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    Gp1300r bogging help !

    I have an 07 gp1300r and after riding it for an hour or so it bogs when you give it full throttle then goes ,what can be the problem ?

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    Always start with compression. Should be in the 110-120 range for a stock motor across all cylinders depending on the skis hours. Look at your plugs as well should be a brownish color if everything is in good shape. Wet or oily means richs whitish means lean.

    Also it's good to check under the ski around the intake grate for any debri or mud that may have been pushed up in there. I see this alot, but dont think this is your issue but always good to check.

    Let us know what your compression is and what the Plugs look like. Someone will chime in and give you some additional guidance.

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