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    P0325 knock sensor fault

    Hi guys, and gals. I'm new here and new to skis in general. Last summer I bought the Mrs. A new GTR. All was well last season but this year second time out the ski threw a knock sensor fault code.I'm a pretty competent mechanic and have all ready purchased a Candoo to read and clear fault codes. If I understand correctly it appears I should be getting 5 Mohms across the knock sensor, which I'm getting nowhere near. So it looks like she 'll be getting a new sensor. My question is this: being that it is still under warranty, would you guys bring it back to the dealer or just buy the part and do it yourself? I'm asking because I'm certain the intake manifold must come off in order to get to that sucker and I'm very distrustful of "mechanics" being that I've been in that type of industry for some time. So what would you do?

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    boost junkie skidoochris's Avatar
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    I am not a a fan of dealer work but,
    the intake is a fairly simple job
    and its under warranty so let them fix it

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    Thanks for your input. I'm still on the fence though

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    just buy the sensor and swap it yourself if you'd rather ride the ski sooner than later.

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    My first year with my ski I probably would of had the dealer do it. Knowing what I know now...I'd do it myself. Plus you get to learn the ins and outs of ur ride.

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    Yeah i think I'm going to see if they will just give me the knock sensor if I offer to save them the headache and do the work. I'm sure that wont go over we'll though

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    So I dropped the ski off a couple of days ago (against my better judgement). Hopefully I get it back next week and it is put back together properly...

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    So how did it go? I thought the CanDoo only worked on up to 2011 ski's and yours is a 2012 correct? Also, wont the knock sensor code clear itself once the sensor is replaced? I just got that code on my 2012 gti 155 and I think its from bad gas. The gas doesnt even smell right. Im getting all the gas out and putting fresh gas in and figured it would clear on its own, correct?

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